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                      In the background of China economy rapid developing and globe economy integration, China’s textile machinery manufacturing industry obtains another new developing opportunity and market space.
                      Under the direction of China Textile Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., also under strong supports from persons and units of all society circles, Closely around the development strategy of China Hi-tech Group corporation, insist “reform, innovation, development”, growing development strength, through year’ s efforts, Handan Hongda Chemical Fibre Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a special chemical fibre machinery manufacturing company. Our company integrates research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service into an organic whole. Our products sell well and enjoy a highly reputation in both domestic and international markets. Especially, in recent years, we carry out a bold innovation, development and manufacture in special fibre fields, with the capacity of complete machine development and manufacture, break through the technical blockade of foreign countries for many years, make contribution to China textile industrials development. We realized our spirit of “corporation, innovation, and predomination” and our goodwill of “Friend of global textile industry, pride of China manufacturing industry " by action.
                      Here, on behalf of whole staff, I want to express our strong feeling of thanking to all persons and units of different society circles. Thank you for your kindly and longtime support.
                      We have established and keeping carry out our Quality Policy of “elaborate design, precise manufacturing, good faith service, everlasting innovation and customer satisfied”. We will execute company principle of “Treat customer as the center, supply customer satisfied products and service”. We will also improve products structure further, offer more advanced products and high quality service to our customers, and make greater contribution to China textile industrials development.