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                         Handan Hongda Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation. Our company, formerly known as Handan Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. which was established in November, 1958, locates at NO. 6, Xinxing Avenue, Matou EDA, Handan, Hebei.

                         Handan Hongda Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. has inherited more than fifty years development history and culture of Handan Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Along with company’s transformation and development, Handan Hongda Chemical Fiber Machinery Co., Ltd. has grown up to a chemical fiber machinery backbone enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry, with the features of advanced technologies, sophisticated equipments, diversified products, wide serviceability and strong ability of providing complete set machines. We successively and successfully developed and manufactured polyester staple fiber complete set machines, viscose filament/staple fiber complete set machines, specialty fiber complete set machines, such as aramid fiber, polyurethane fiber, acetate fiber, vinylon fiber, carbon fiber, polyimide fiber and etc. We are the largest baler manufacture in the world. Our technology is at the leading level in domestic chemical fiber machinery industry. Our products were marketed throughout China and exported to more that forty countries and regions as well. We made our contribution to the development of China’s textile industry and won a reputation for the country also. On the base of chemical fiber machinery transformation and upgrading, we carried out products cross-industry development in 2012. We developed and manufactured LNG series gas station and multiple models of gasifying station and gained new breakthrough in new energy field.

                         At present, we possess provincial enterprise technology center and Handan city novel fiber material equipment engineering technology research and development center. We have domestic advanced fabricating and testing equipments, advanced process equipments, rational technology process and modernized management means. With the goal of constructing modernized enterprise, we further devote ourselves to providing high quality products and services to customers and make great efforts to build an international first-class chemical fiber machinery and specialty fiber complete set equipments manufacturing base.